Outreach & Teaching

  • 20222020

    Aligned Student Research Mentor

    AI for Environmental Risk Doctoral Training Centre

      •  Mentored MRes research students applying Machine Learning and Data Science to solve Environmental problems.

  • 20222020

    Executive Committee Member

    Trinity College Responsible Investment Society

      •  Consulted & advocated for responsible investment strategies pertaining to global environmental and ethical affairs.
      •  Helped shift £1.5B of investments into sustainable options.

  • 20202019
  • 20212019

    Conference Organiser

    The Trinity Forum

        A termly interdisciplinary symposium for graduates, post-docs, and faculty.

  • 20222018

    Convener & Seminar Organiser

      •  Atmosphere–Ocean Dynamics meeting series
      •  Geophysical Fluid Dynamics department seminar series

  • 20202015

    Science Exhibitor & Laboratory Volunteer

      •  DAMTP Fluid Dynamics Open Days
      •  Exhibited an award-winning exposé at the Cambridge Science Centre exhibition for the Cambridge Science Festival

  • 20182017

    Outreach Programme Designer & Course

    Stanford University

      •  Organised the seeME High School Science Outreach Event
      •  Taught for the RISE (Raising Interest in Science & Engineering) Programme

  • 20202017


    NASA Ames ISS Human Factors Research

  • 20152011

    Instructor for Aeronautical Engineering – Private Pilot Ground Course

    University of California

      •  Established the original curriculum and lectured for a successful Aerospace & Pilotage school per the FAR §141. [Course Webpage]
      •  This ongoing University-sponsored course has been attended by over 2000 students to date.

  • 20142011

    President & Co-founder

    American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) at UC Berkeley

       (In collaboration with SESB, NASA, and the ESA)

  • 20132012

    Team Lead & Cofounder

    NASA RASC-AL Lunar Rover Competition Team at UC Berkeley

       Received NASA Competition Grant in 2013

  • 20122010

    Team Organiser

    Design, Build, Fly Aircraft Competition Team at UC Berkeley

  • 20122011

    Summer Programme Advisor

    Engineering Leadership Conference at UC Berkeley